Our Mission

Our aim is to provide clients with the highest quality research and education services, based on sound knowledge and experience.
We strive to continuously improve our methods and technologies to meet the demands of the rapidly changing cosmetic market.


Daria is not only the founder of WomaNature, but also the heart and soul of our team. She proudly represents our brand, bringing not only her exceptional achievements but also her passion for beauty care and innovation. A graduate of the renowned Warsaw University of Technology, specialising in production and quality management, Daria understands the needs of our customers and knows how to tailor our products to their individual needs.

Her extensive experience in process optimisation and customer service allows us to effectively lead research and training projects at the WomaNature centre. She is not only an expert in the field of cosmetics, but also open to innovation and constantly looking for new solutions to ensure that our offer is always at the highest level.

As part of our range of personalised beauty products, Daria heads up the 'namoi' skincare kit projects, which are tailored to each individual's skin needs. Her ability to tailor products to specific skin concerns means that our clients can enjoy comprehensive skincare that works exactly where they need it.

Under her watchful eye, the 'namoi' collagen variants are not only effective, but also diverse, so that everyone can find the perfect product for their needs. Thanks to Daria's dedication and expertise, our cosmetic range not only inspires, but above all meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

In addition, she is involved in organising educational workshops where she shares her knowledge and experience with her customers. In this way, our customers not only benefit from our products, but also gain knowledge about skincare and cosmetic production, allowing them to better understand their needs and make more informed skincare decisions.


Wojciech is not only an expert in investment project management, but also the driving force behind our company. His passion for cutting-edge technology has been evident for many years, and now, as a proxy at WomaNature, he shares this knowledge by heading up our research and training centre.

Wojciech is not only an expert in investment project management, but also a key member of our team who contributes to the success of our company on many levels. His experience and skills not only guarantee the successful implementation of our projects, but also benefit our clients on various levels.

However, his skills are not just limited to project management. Wojciech is also actively involved in cosmetic research and training, ensuring that our customers are using the highest quality products that are precisely tailored to their needs.

Thanks to his commitment, our range of personalised cosmetic products, such as customised 'namoi' cosmetic kits and various 'namoi' collagen variants, is constantly being developed and adapted to the needs of our customers. Wojciech ensures that our products are not only effective, but also meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Wojciech is an indispensable member of our team, whose commitment and professionalism translates into the high quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.


We work with a team of highly qualified specialists in chemistry, dermatology, cosmetology and other scientific fields. Each member of our team contributes to the achievement of our company's goals through their commitment, knowledge and experience.

By joining us, you can rest assured that our team will support you every step of the way. Discover how we can help you succeed in research, training and skincare so you can enjoy natural beauty and confidence every day!

Join our Womanature family, where innovation, passion and professionalism come together in a synergy of excellent care and beauty for your skin!