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Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products and services, based on the latest scientific and technological developments.

We are the place where innovation meets professionalism and the latest scientific developments serve your success in the beauty industry.

Our company offers comprehensive cosmetic testing services and high-quality cosmetic chemistry training. In addition, we offer personalised "namoi" cosmetics with timeless effects.

We operate at the intersection of science and practice, providing our clients with solutions tailored to their needs.

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Discover the 'namoi' elixir of youth! Do you want to take care of your skin in a different way than before? Introducing "namoi" - collagen-based cosmetic preparations that will transform your care in a unique way!

Training centre

The diagnostic analyser is a computerised dermo-consultation device. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art HD Ready digital camera with 40x magnification....

Research centre

Apparatus skin testing is carried out to obtain objective results of application tests that confirm the effectiveness of the tested preparations....

Get in shape with EMS!

Embark on an exciting journey towards a healthier and stronger body by harnessing the potential of advanced Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. It's a revolutionary approach to muscle training that accelerates the achievement of your fitness goals while minimising the time spent on traditional exercises.
With EMS, you engage your muscles deeply, allowing you to achieve results comparable to intense weight training, without having to stand on an exercise mat for hours. It's ideal for both busy professionals and people who value convenience and time saving.
Forget monotonous series of repetitions. Invest in cutting-edge EMS technology and transform your body in ways you would never expect. Achieve exceptional physical shape and confidence with EMS now!

We invite you to WomaNature

We also do not forget women's figure-related needs. We offer the possibility of firming the buttocks and abdomen, even after pregnancy. With our solutions, you can regain your confidence and enjoy a beautiful silhouette.
If your goal is to reduce weight, we have well-chosen diets and innovative EMS electrostimulation treatments for you. With these, you will be able to lose weight and achieve your dream results.
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2023 2023

Training EMS!

Introduce an innovative training method into your life that reveals the dormant potential of your muscles. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is the key to achieving an impressive physique in a short space of time.
The unique EMS technology engages muscles at a deep level, providing results comparable to intense weight training. It is ideal for anyone who values flexibility and freedom of training.
Don't waste time commuting to the gym or monotonous repetitions. Harness the potential of EMS to achieve your fitness goals in an efficient and convenient way. Give yourself the chance to exercise effectively!

Mostly asked questions concerning Womanature

Can electrostimulation cause harm?
When carried out properly, electrosimulation treatment will not harm our health.
How long after electrostimulation are there effects?
The first visible effects appear after just one treatment, while the best can be expected after using EMS, twice a week for a period of 4 weeks. The programme of treatments, number and frequency, is determined individually. The same goes for exercise and diet.
Does electrostimulation burn fat?
By contracting the muscles as much as possible, information about the need for a huge amount of energy reaches our brain. This causes our fat to automatically burn.

We guarantee up to 19% of fat loss after a series of treatments.
Does electrostimulation expand muscles?
Yes. Through the use of special heads, electrical impulses are introduced into our muscle fibres, causing them to work much harder. As a result, our body becomes sculpted and modelled in a short time.

We have magic!

Our range includes natural, personalised cosmetics that have the extraordinary power to transform the way you think about your daily care. They will enable you to experience a completely new approach to taking care of yourself.
Not only do we offer beauty products, we also offer solutions for skin problems. If you are struggling with skin difficulties, we can help you solve them. Our specialised products and expert advice can transform your skin life.

Secret excellent care

Do you dream of a beauty that exudes confidence?

Imagine a personalised beauty kit that meets your individual skincare needs and enhances the natural beauty of your skin. It's possible with our personalised beauty kits, which are designed to provide you with comprehensive skincare, tailored to your lifestyle and skin concerns.

What is our secret?

Each cosmetic kit is carefully tailored to your needs, taking into account the specific skin problems you face. But that's not all! Our cosmetic products are also tailored in terms of active ingredients to work perfectly with your skin and provide a natural, flawless look.

Is your skin prone to redness? Do you struggle with acne or hyperpigmentation?

Don't worry! Our team of beauty experts will put together a beauty kit for you that not only effectively addresses your skin concerns, but also provides you with perfectly tailored products that fit perfectly into your daily skincare routine.

Forget the tiresome search through the shops for the right products - our personalised 'namoi' beauty kits will provide you with everything you need to enjoy healthy, radiant skin, focusing on your individual needs and preferences.

Invest in your beauty and confidence today!
Choose personalised "namoi" cosmetic kits - your key to perfect skin care!

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