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Research application cosmetics

They are carried out on an appropriately selected group of probands, as required/supervised by a dermatologist. If necessary, other specialists are also involved in the tests. This makes it possible to test a wide variety of product characteristics. In turn, the test subjects do not have to worry about their health. The wide-ranging possibilities also allow studies to be conducted under the supervision of other doctors. The purpose of in-use studies is to confirm the functional properties of a test preparation. We have a broad base of reliable probands of both sexes of different ages in our base. Such a large base means that we can meet the requirements of all clients.

individual selection of probationers according to the purpose of the product


the possibility of including on the label a description such as: "tested under supervision ...".


evaluation of skin tolerance to products at the application sites


the individual, subjective assessment of each participant in the study


research supervised by specialists


application tests on professional products


Research braces skins

Apparatus tests on the skin are carried out in order to obtain objective application test results that confirm the effectiveness of the tested preparations.

In the course of these studies, a group of selected individuals assesses the preparation in question, allowing a subjective evaluation, but the results of the instrumental analysis are equally important. The non-invasive methods used in instrumental analysis allow for an objective assessment of the performance of the preparations tested.

Instrumental analysis provides extremely valuable information about the test product, based on the measurement of various skin parameters, such as hydration level, sebum (oiliness level), nature of skin pores, elasticity, smoothness, skin discolouration (level of melanin in the skin, level of skin redness (erythhema), TEWL (transepidermal water loss level), skin sensitivity, skin inflammation, wrinkle analysis (including 3D visualisation).