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Diagnosis and analysis skins

The diagnostic analyser is a computerised dermoconsultation device. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art HD Ready digital camera with 40x magnification.
The test takes 15minutes and the results are extremely accurate and give complete information about the client's skin, which is given in the form of a report after the test is over.

Analysis skins covers:

The results of all measurements allow for a holistic analysis of the skin's condition and provide the opportunity to accurately select appropriate cosmetics and treatments. A report to the client describes the condition of their skin, together with detailed indications for home and in-office care.

Skin texture

The measurement determines the texture of the epidermal surface, its relief and level of smoothness, which reflect skin density, tone and firmness.

Size of pores

By measuring the size of the pores, it is possible to assess the size of the pores and check whether they are normal and possibly take steps to reduce them.

Width and depth of wrinkles

The measurement of wrinkles allows the progression of skin ageing to be determined and the progression of rejuvenation treatments to be observed.

Degree of lubrication

The measurement allows the analysis of the skin's oiliness and determination of the quality of the skin's hydro-lipid mantle.

Level of exfoliation

Assessing the amount of exfoliating epidermis in the stratum corneum allows the detection of disorders in the keratinisation process.

Degree of hydration

Assessment of the function and level of hydration and quality of the NMF is possible with a humidity measurement sensor.

Learning production cosmetics

1. science and production of facial cosmetics
We offer you unique opportunities related to the science and production of facial cosmetics. In our classes, you will have the chance to learn about a variety of cosmetic raw materials and how to make your own cosmetics. Not only will you see what ingredients are needed to create cleansers, toners or day creams, but you will also take an active part in the creation process.
2. theoretical part
Our programme consists of two parts: a theoretical part, lasting a minimum of 30 minutes, and a practical part, lasting 60 minutes. During the theoretical part, you will learn about the different cosmetic raw materials and what benefits they bring to your skin. You will also learn how to apply cosmetics in the right way to achieve the best results. In addition, cosmetic formulas will be presented in class so that you can see how professionals create their products.
3 Practical part
The practical part is your chance to make your own cosmetics. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you will have the opportunity to create high-quality products. The tutors will not only take care of the content of the classes, but also the quality of the process. You will be able to use their knowledge and experience to create customised cosmetics.
4 Completion of course and certificate
Upon completion of the workshop, you will receive a certificate confirming your participation. In addition, as part of our offer, we provide you with samples of the cosmetics you will make yourself during the workshop. This way you will be able to test and enjoy the effects of your work also outside the workshop.
The workshops we organise are held in small groups, providing an intimate atmosphere and individual attention to each participant. The maximum number of people in a group is 15, which allows for more interaction and a better quality of the classes.