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Initial consultation during first salon visits!

At our salon, during your first visit, we take the time to get to know your expectations and present a treatment plan to achieve the desired result. In addition, we carry out an interview to rule out any contraindications to the treatment in order to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.
Do you dream of relaxing and sculpting your figure at the same time? Our muscle hypersculpting machine can help you do just that! In just 30 minutes of treatment you will perform as many as 20,000-30,000 tummy tucks! Imagine - you're lying comfortably on your bed while the machine activates your muscles, burns fat and shapes the selected body parts. And all this without the risk of soreness!

The effects of using EMS after 30 days!

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2023 2023
2023 2023

Cost first consultation - PLN 156

EMS treatment + consultation



What is EMS?

EMS uses a high-intensity electromagnetic field that stimulates the muscles, causing them to contract. This treatment results in muscle growth and thickening, reconstruction and the breakdown of fat cells.
Don't delay and sign up for an electrostimulation muscle stimulation (EMS) treatment. During your consultation, we offer a full treatment covering up to two muscle areas so you can maximise its benefits.

Areas in which we focus during the treatment, include:


We provide the opportunity to reduce body fat, build more visible muscle, known as the popular 'radiator', improve endurance and reduce the stretch of the rectus abdominis muscles (white crease).


We provide cellulite reduction, fat reduction and improved thigh musculature.


We offer the reduction of so-called 'Pelicans', the building of biceps and triceps muscles and the reduction of fat in this area.

The buttocks

We offer a lift for sagging buttocks without the need for a surgical lift, building buttock muscles, known as 'Brazilian buttocks', as well as slimming and girth reduction for obesity.


Mostly asked questions concerning EMS

How many calories does electrostimulation burn?

During one EMS training session, we are able to burn between 500 and 1,200 kcal. In a very short time, we can notice a reduction in body weight, waist, waist or hip circumference.

Does electrostimulation hurt?
The treatment consists of intensive muscle training, performed by the machine for the patient, who at the time relaxes on the treatment bed. While working, we may feel a slight vibration or tingling - the treatment itself is painless.
How long does an electrostimulation treatment last?
The EMS treatment at WomaNature lasts 1g 10min. Allocate this time to relax and sculpt your figure at the same time. This moment is just for you!
How to dress for electrostimulation?
Preparation for an EMS treatment is not complicated. Unlike a standard workout at the gym, we do not need sports clothes; cotton, comfortable leggings and a T-shirt are sufficient.