EMS - Electrostimulation

EMS - electrosimulation

Does electrostimulation produce results?
Yes. The effects of EMS treatment are visible from the first visit. However, to maintain them for the long term, we need to be systematic.
What does electrostimulation do?
Abdomen- reduction of body fat, reduction of straight muscle stretch, muscle enhancement Glutes- buttock lift, lifting, muscle building, slimming and girth reduction. Thighs- cellulite reduction, fat reduction, muscle enhancement. Arms- reduction of carcass tissue, reduction of "pelicans", improvement of biceps and triceps structure.
Can electrostimulation cause harm?
When carried out properly, electrosimulation treatment will not harm our health.
How long after electrostimulation are there effects?
The first visible effects appear after just one treatment, while the best can be expected after using EMS, twice a week for a period of 4 weeks. The programme of treatments, number and frequency, is determined individually. The same goes for exercise and diet.
Does electrostimulation burn fat?
By contracting the muscles as much as possible, information about the need for a huge amount of energy reaches our brain. This causes our fat to automatically burn.

We guarantee up to 19% of fat loss after a series of treatments.
Does electrostimulation expand muscles?
Yes. Through the use of special heads, electrical impulses are introduced into our muscle fibres, causing them to work much harder. As a result, our body becomes sculpted and modelled in a short time.
How many calories does electrostimulation burn?
During one EMS training session, we are able to burn between 500 and 1,200 kcal. In a very short time, we can notice a reduction in body weight, waist, waist or hip circumference.
Does electrostimulation hurt?
The treatment consists of intensive muscle training, performed by the machine for the patient, who at the time relaxes on the treatment bed. While working, we may feel a slight vibration or tingling - the treatment itself is painless.
How long does an electrostimulation treatment last?
The EMS treatment at WomaNature lasts 1g 10min. Allocate this time to relax and sculpt your figure at the same time. This moment is just for you!
How to dress for electrostimulation?
Preparation for an EMS treatment is not complicated. Unlike a standard workout at the gym, we do not need sports clothes; cotton, comfortable leggings and a T-shirt are sufficient.
How many electrostimulation treatments?
The best results are obtained with treatments initially performed every 2 days, then twice a week for a period of 4 weeks, followed by a refresher training once every 4 weeks or so. The effect persists and increases over time.
How much does EMS training cost?
The cost of one treatment at WomaNature is £270, but we have put together packages especially for you to help you save.

5 treatments - £1080 (20% cheaper)

10 treatments - £1890 (30% cheaper)

II PART performed together -50%- One treatment per muscle part e.g. abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms.
How many times a week EMS?
In order for training to give us the results we want, we need to remember to do it regularly. Initially every two days, then twice a week - this is sufficient, as we also need to give ourselves time for muscle regeneration. The effect of electrostimulation is prolonged, i.e. the treatment affects us both during and after training.

I would like to point out that the difference when using our machine is mainly: the ability to perform a selection of 2 muscle parts in one workout. Because our machine has as many as 4 heads, e.g. for abdominals + thighs/biceps or for glutes + thighs.

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